Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 3

Today is the end to my third day in Barcelona! Yesterday was Saint George (Sant Jordi) day. Similar to our valentines day. All the students celebrated in the school. There were presentations, singing and dancing. There were also rose petals everywhere. My host brother and my host father both bought me roses while we were out exploring the town! 

Today I began assessing students in English on their speaking skills. These students will be tested in June to receive their first certificate in English. I was amazed at how many languages these students know or are learning. Many of the students are bi-lingual. They speak Spanish and Catalon. Then in school they are learning English and French! 

After school a group of WKU students took the metro to the city center and then down to the port. We went to a Cafe that looked like a rainforest inside. It was similar to the Rainforest Cafe but much nicer. Then we walked back through the city center to a restaurant called The Attic  where we had a nice sit down meal. it is now 11:17 and I am going to bed. My family will be up for another hour probably!

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